Turf Exposé 101 – Intellectual Property Law Facilitator

We present one of our facilitators. He’s going to be handling Intellectual Property Law. ———————————— Unclear as to specifics in your desired practise area? Not certain as to the area you intend to practice? This might just be the right platform for you!

Turf Exposé 101 is an online package set to strategically uncover certain specifics of diverse practice areas in Law.

It entails an exposition of the several fields in law; recent trends in and the potentials of such fields; what law students and young wigs alike who are interested in such fields must already take up doing and so much more.

More Info:
The package is free and open to our followers on social media and kicks off this November as earlier announced. You will be availed the opportunity to ask each facilitator questions through comments which will in turn be answered by them.

Here’s the catch:
An enthusiastic few will be given the opportunity to connect and network personally with the facilitators of their desired area of law for further guidance in the respective fields. (Enthusiasm will be deduced from participants’ questions)