Have you ever thought about what exactly your LL.B Diet is? Your diet either keeps or kills your “Fitness Goal” in the legal education. Your fitness goal is to be that extraordinary law student who can compete, even on a global stage. Let’s go on a journey of my LL. B diet (..the full course meal):

Ace your courses

Believe in yourself

Compile your CV and live the CV life

Do the ‘Extra’ to be extraordinary

Endeavour to invest in yourself

Foster meaningful relationships

Gain knowledge. Don’t just limit yourself to the Law

Have a mentor

Involve yourself in extra curricular activities that are beneficial to you

Join LinkedIn and other professional networking platforms

Know the LAW or at least where to find it.

Leverage on opportunities to develop yourself (internships,etc)

Manage your time effectively

Network with colleagues, fellow law students and renowned lawyers

Online presence is important

Prioritize your goals

Quit activities that don’t align with your goals

Reflect on long term goals

Set unbelievable goals

Take up available leadership positions

Understand the school system and lecturers

Volunteer! Volunteer!! Volunteer!!!

Willingly pay the price of success; Dillegence

X (A diet that doesn’t add up)

You can choose to be or not to be

Zealously take free courses from websites like EdX, Coursera etc.


Kofoworola Omowale,

Content Provider, Legal Pages.

Law Student, University of Ibadan