10 things a Law Student can do to make money on the side

Making some bucks as a student, however little, has a way to get you somewhat fulfilled with yourself. It might just be the opportunity to release you from total dependence on your parents/guardians or provide you with extra cash in your bank account. As a law student, you are exposed to certain skills, in and off the classroom; most of which can be monetized to your benefit. Here are 10 LEGIT ways law students can make some money for themselves.

Online freelancing: Honestly all you need to do is Google “freelancer jobs and sites”. There are quite a number of opportunities online, so it goes without saying that you need access to good and fast internet to be able to put in time and get paid. Freelance jobs include writing, proofreading, research, web and graphics design, and any other creative works which can be transferred virtually. But it’s first important to learn how to become good at any of these skills; it takes practice and time. A way to handle this is taking free/paid online courses from websites like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Khan Academy and the likes.

Blogging: This is one of the best possible side hustles because you can do it at your own pace. Honestly, it is not quick and easy money but it is a great way to get your creative juices flowing while earning by selling adverts, becoming an affiliate for products that need the exposure and even selling your own products. It takes time to grow readership but once it is large enough, the income will start rolling in. WordPress is the go-to platform for amateur bloggers. Google’s Blogger is another amazing platform.

E-book publishing: We have stories to tell, if you believe yours is so good that people will pay to read it then you should publish an e-book on Amazon. If you don’t want to blog, this is a great way to capitalize on your content.

Become A Translator: Do you speak another language? If so, you could become a translator. There is translation work that is need across a variety of platforms from speaking to written translation work. Sites like LiveTranslation.com allow anyone to sign up and become a translator.


Book reviewing: Did you know you could get paid to review books, and not just books but books from great authors. Well, this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Visit sites like Onlinebookclub.com and sign up for your account today and get paid working from your comfort zone.


Résumé help: Do you have a lot of experience with applications for jobs, internship positions and the likes? If yes, you could help other students build their resumes and cover letters for a fee. You could do this via the internet, through your email or on LinkedIn.

Ushering business: Look around; there is an ushering agency near you looking for young attractive people to serve at events. This is common in universities because it is the best place to recruit ushering staff.

Be an estate agent: Have you noticed that a lot of students don’t want to stay in University hostels or halls of residence for various reasons, well this is another great chance for you to make easy money, enter into agreements with the landlords to refer tenants to them and you will be paid for each referral.

Become a Brand ambassador: Many business types are looking at ways to reach the younger customers; that is where you come in. You will be representing the brand of the company in your immediate environment raising awareness about the services and goods the company provides.

Get a part time job: If all else fails you, you can look for a part time job working for someone else. It is a great way to earn extra cash.


Article by:

Joel Naluwairo.

Uganda Christian University.

Brand Ambassador, Legal Pages.