Finding an easy headway in careers may prove difficult and taxing. This might be a result of adaptation to workspaces and pressures attributed thereto, which might prove to be uneasy and tedious. It is okay to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty the future holds, especially as it regards career paths, and this is why it […]

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The New Wave of Legal Money Spinners: Areas of the Legal Profession that could be the next Cash-cows for Lawyers

The legal profession has, ab initio, been seen as a prestigious profession — a perception that still ignites and elicits passion for it amongst contemporary students.  These days, with its ever-increasing and eclectic branches, law students are usually at a crossroad as regards their area(s) of specialization. In settling for these areas of specialization, various […]

Specialization in the Legal Practice

Read carefully! The issue of specialization is one which bothers a lot of law students and young wigs alike. Questions of why, how, where and when to specialize frequently arise. More often than not, specialization in law starts from the second or third year at the university, subsequent to a general introduction to the law […]