black laptop computer turned on showing computer codes


INTRODUCTION Today’s 21st-century law firm is one highly dependent on technology to facilitate and ease its activities. Technology, which is an essential tool of the modern law firm leverages electronic Information to function optimally.  For example, legal software such as Lexis Nexis and Law Pavilion transcend the traditional method of conducting legal research by deploying […]

2018: 3 Key Resolutions For Forthcoming Professionals

Many make New Year resolutions but eventually find themselves pending. It only takes one who is diligent and disciplined to strictly adhere to most or even all of their resolutions. If you plan to be a professional at a field, you must be just that; diligent and disciplined. In the last one year, I have […]

Lawyer Of The Week – Senator Ihenyen

Meet our lawyer of the week, Senator Ihenyen. An IP and IT practitioner, Senator has a handful of astute things to say. Follow our exclusive interview with him below.   Can we meet you? I’m Senator Iyere Ihenyen, an intellectual property (IP) and information technology (IT) lawyer. I am Lead Partner of Infusion Lawyers— a […]