Practical Steps in Drafting a Good Curriculum Vitae

As the popular saying goes, first impressions last the longest. In the professional world, when trying to find job, the burden of a first impression is commonly placed on your cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV). These documents go a long way in creating a professional picture of who you are in the eye of […]

Law beyond the law firm - legal pages


It’s becoming a trend to find persons who study the law but eventually have no interest in adjudicating in a courtroom or carrying on the conventional duties of lawyers working in a law firm. Some persons may find that they lack the confidence to present a case before the court or are unable to gain […]

Drafting that Email

In applying for internships or employment opportunities, many go through the ‘not so challenging’ but yet daunting task of drafting a mail to which one may attach a CV and cover letter for the consideration of the prospective employer. The following are a few hints to take in drafting a brief but concise mail body […]

Law School Should Admit Only Persons Having a 2:1 CGPA and Above – A.B. Mahmoud

During the Hand-Over ceremony between the outgoing Director-general of the Nigerian Law School, Dr. Olanrewaju Onadeko SAN to his successor, Professor Isa Hayatu Chiroma, an opinion was given by Mr. Abubakar Mahmoud SAN, the acting Chairman and President of the Nigerian Bar Association which has been the subject of recent debates. According to him, there […]