Given some of the inherent issues and challenges that cryptocurrencies pose for investor and consumer protection and the aiding of money laundering, among other concerns, many have advocated that central banks create their digital forms of currency as stable and reliable alternatives to cryptocurrencies. This article explores the position of Nigeria’s SEC and the CBN on digital currencies.

Digital Currency; Creating A Legal Environment for Exploring Its Potentials in Nigerian Commercial Markets

By, Isaac Toluwashe Adeyanju[*] INTRODUCTION With the recent global awakening of online commercial markets across the economies of the earth, also came a corresponding increase in the rate of online business and commercial transactions across African economies, with values of Online commerce in Africa expected to reach $29 billion in 2022. To set the right […]

​A Legal Perspective on Fintech In Nigeria 

It is no longer in question that fintech is the future of the financial sector in Nigeria, and even the rest of the world. This is made potent with the country’s total population and the rate at which the traditional banking system is getting replaced in daily transactions. Fintech refers to a new technology or […]