Section 839 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 (CAMA 2020): Much Ado About Nothing?

By Sam Omotoso Esq. Much Ado About Nothing is an expression that implies making a fuss about something little. An example will be when a child is crying, “Help, she is in labour and needs to see a Doctor” because his/her mummy’s hen at the backyard is about to lay an egg. Since CAMA 2020 became […]

Lawyer of the Month — Orji Uka

You can heave that sigh of relief now — we’re back with our interview series! And this time, the Legal Pages Interview Series will be hosted monthly. What’s more? We have other amazing things lined up moving forward. For now, simply enjoy our interview with the Legal Pages Lawyer of the Month. This month, we […]


Introduction The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of public companies is statutorily compulsory and commercially important. It is the forum created by law for shareholders, directors, and other stakeholders in public companies to make decisions, share information and ideas to advance the compan. Traditionally, AGMs have been held in physical locations. However, the Coronavirus Pandemic (“Covid-19”) […]