The world is at a delicate moment. The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging every continent and we must not be ignorant of the ways in which we can protect ourselves and prevent the spread of the viral disease.

1. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for about 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizers.

2. Maintain social distancing. Refrain from visiting crowded places or travelling to risk areas. Adhere to government orders restricting gatherings and if you must go out, maintain a distance of one and a half meters from others and avoid body contact.

3. Dab when you cough or sneeze, or use a tissue. In essence, do not cough or sneeze into your palms.

4. Do not spread fake news. Be extremely careful yet do not panic.

5. Avoid touching your face especially with unclean hands.

6. Stay at home if you feel unwell and call for medical assistance by phone. This prevents the risk of spreading the virus.

7. The mortality rate of the virus is yet to be ascertained but recent statistics shows it is quite low. However, the virus has a very rapid spread rate. You must therefore take extra precautions to prevent infection.

8. Visit the WHO website, the Federal Ministry of Health website or the website of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control to get more info about the virus, symptoms, prevention, myths, statistics and vaccination.

Stay safe. Only the living and healthy can advance their careers.


The Legal Pages Team.