Law Student of the Week – Kansiime Mukama TAREMWA

Our Law Student of the Week is Kansiime Mukama TAREMWA, the outgoing President, Makerere Law Society, Makerere University, Uganda. Kindly follow our interview with him below.


Can we meet you?

I am Kansiime Mukama TAREMWA, a 3rd Year Law Student and the Outgoing President of the Makerere Law Society.

Did you originally set out to study the law?

I initially wanted to be a Cardiologist but reality struck me that I am not a scientist atleast in training… I was heavily involved in debate, so I started to nurse the dreams of being lawyer.

As the President of your Law Society, how have you been able to balance your duties and responsibilities with your academics?

As the head of the MLS, I have had to invest in peer to peer evaluations and discussions…and the few lectures I attend, that’s how I have managed. My friends read so many cases and they discuss for me to complement the few I have read, but I do spare some time and read.

In what aspect of law do you intend practising?

International Law and Constitutional Law…just a little bit of commercial law.

Kindly give an insight on the ground breaking achievements that have accrued to you since you kicked off your study of the law.

I have been to The All Africa Human Rights Moot Court Competition and by extension the Conference on Poverty Alleviation in the context of the Maputo Protocol held in Mauritius in September 2017. I represented Makerere University where we were among the Top 10 Universities in the competition.

-I have been Best Oralist at The CEHURD Constitutional Law Moot where my University came second in October 2016.

– I have written a paper critiquing The Mental Health Bill, and made recommendations on the same for and on behalf of CEHURD.

– I have also won the Annual Internal Moot Court Competition at The School of Law, Makerere University in July 2017.

Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Mr. Robert Kirunda and it’s simply because of his fearlessness. He can take on anything or anyone.

What other interests do you have besides law?

I write a lot but that too is part of Law. I love The EPL especially Manchester United…I watch series, especially 24 and Anything Detective or has the semblance of Intelligence.

What are your thoughts on the current Ugandan legal education?

The Legal Education is in need of heavy in put in the area of Clinical methodologies and to strongly consider the use of technologies in the day to day teaching and mode of instruction.

Where do you see yourself in 6 years?

Pretty interesting question…I hope I will be addressing The UN General Assembly on the Right to Education in the Ugandan Context….So that pretty much sums up what I hope my work will center around in the next 7-10 years.

Final words.

I hope that our lawyers shall focus more on making a difference in the society than they do now. I hope that Legal practitioners shall pay more attention to social justice and mentorship of the younger generation as much as they pay attention to nailing huge commercial deals and I am in no way saying that these deals are not equally important, these deals are a backbone of our inspiration into the profession but the overarching objective should be to make our communities better.