Happy Independence Anniversary, Nigeria (we hope we’re not late to the party), and Happy Anniversary to Legal Pages. This edition of the Law Student of the Month is a very special one. We feature Victoria Edema, a student at Osun State University. She speaks to us about her Leadership experience and the recently enacted Police Act. Enjoy the full interview below.

  1. Hello, can we meet you?

Hi, I am Victoria Oluwatosin Edema, a Christian, a 300 level Law student at Osun State University. I am currently the Vice President of Yusuf Ali’s Liberty Chambers, one of the leading chambers in my college. Also, I am the head of media in the Intellectual Property Law Club, UNIOSUN. Additionally, I am the Director of Research at ADR society, UNIOSUN. Asides being a law student, I am a social media manager, a voiceover artist, a video content creator, or a moderator.

  1. Has it always been law?

No… Lol. I was caught in between two careers. On the one hand, I had this passion for law, and on the other hand, I wanted to be on the television, to be a journalist. I was the news-gatherer of the Press Club in my Secondary School, and a very active member of the Debating Society. I always had a way around every clash.

  1. What area(s) of law interest you the most, and why?

Intellectual Property Law! I love the fact that as a creative, your work can be protected, and you don’t have to beg to earn credits for your work.

  1. Kindly run us through your leadership experience as an undergraduate. How have you been shaped by these experiences?

I served as an Editor-in-chief at RCF, Ifetedo chapter. Besides, I am currently serving as the Vice President at Yusuf Ali’s Liberty Chambers; the Director of Media, Intellectual Property Law Club, Osun State University; the Director of Research, ADR Society UNIOSUN; and Social Media Manager at Commercially Aware.

As a leader, your following is very important because certain times you don’t have it all together, you need to follow others as well. I have had to work with different people, take courses on leadership and teamwork skills, and carried every person along, even the non-responsive ones. So, I have learned teamwork, tolerance, the ability to work under pressure, decision-making, and capacity building.

  1. What are the major challenges faced by the average law students? Are there any ways forward?

I would say lack of awareness. Some people say, “What you don’t know doesn’t kill you,” which I think should be the other way round, “What you don’t know will limit you.” A solution to this is ‘Commercial Awareness.’ The truth is when you know something, a greater percentage of the problem is solved. Therefore, gain knowledge in everything you do, it won’t hurt you.

  1. Tell us about your role model, if any.  

My role model is my mother, Temitope Bolade Edema (late). She lived a short but very impactful life. Nobody met her without getting impacted by her. She would always tell me to do all I can to make an impact, even if it’s a single thing I do. She laid a strong foundation for every other person in my life to build on.

  1. What else, if not law?

That would be Social media Management and video content creation.

  1. What’s your take on the recently signed Police Act? Do you think it’s a step in the right direction?

The new Police Act 2020 provides for a more effective and well-organized police force driven by the principles of transparency and accountability in its operations and management of its resources. I have read the summary of the Act, and in my opinion, Nigerians should try to read the Act to further understand the laws. I believe this will guide our perception of the law’s enforcement.

I found Section 66(1) of the Police Act 2020 very interesting, which, in summary, states that ONLY a Police Officer who is a LEGAL PRACTITIONER can prosecute. However, after doing a proper study of the Act itself and not the summary, I figured that what the summary reads, which everyone knows, is very different from what the actual section means.

  1. Do you have any long term goals mapped out?  How do you intend to achieve them?

I intend to start an Intellectual Property Community for the purpose of publicising intellectual property knowledge in an easily accessible and simplified form to the world, most especially non-legal personnel.

I have started studying more about the area of law, following practitioners in that field, and gathering fellow law students of like passion for having a strong vision board.

  1. Any final words?

I would advise everyone to adopt “proper awareness, proper networking, proper communication, and proper planning.” Basically, add the word “proper” to every good skill you have as a law student, and we’ll see at the top.