Hi folks. As always, we’ve got you covered once again. It’s no news that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for professional networking and accessing various opportunities. It offers both free and premium features. With a free account, you can:

    create a professional identity
  • portray your curriculum vitae
  • create a company profile
  • build and leverage on a professional network
  • give and receive recommendations and endorsements on your skills
  • find all sorts of jobs and even recruit talent
  • share and interact with other users’ contents
  • view profiles and get views on yours too

But with LinkedIn premium, you can enjoy even more exciting features like:

  • unlimited access to over 15,000 professional courses on LinkedIn Learning
  • sending Inmails
  • access to list of everyone who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days
  • featuring your job applications right on top of the pile
  • create a quick CV with the LinkedIn resume builder
  • getting your profile suggested to other users with similar interests
  • securing the premium golden badge on your profile

Premium package generally comes at various prices (Click here for full price list), but you can also upgrade to a premium account for free, gaining 4 months access or even more. Are your taste buds watered enough? Well let’s jump right into it. There are two methods to get legit premium access on LinkedIn. The first method gives you 1 month while the second gives 3 months free access.

Method 1:

Upgrade your free account for 1 month premium trial. You must have already come across this option somewhere on your profile. To activate 1 month free trial, click here. You can also access your free month trial via the LinkedIn Learning App. Select “Start my free month”, then “Try for free” under the premium column (not under the basic column – basic will only give you premium features on LinkedIn Learning and not LinkedIn itself). The rest is a piece of cake.

Kindly note that this will however require you to enter your payment details while subscribing with this method. For the procedure to cancel your subscription, click here.

Method 2:

For the second method which gives you 3 months free premium access, you’ll need to have a Microsoft account (Outlook or Hotmail email address). Click here to create one. If you already have or have create one, visit Visual Studio Dev Essentials and select “Join or access now”.

  • Login with your Microsoft account (this is the only way to access the features ahead).
  • Once you are in, you will be redirected to the “Visual Studio Dev Essentials Benefits” page. On that page, find and select the “Get Code of Linkedin Learning” box.
  • Next, select the Activate button that pops up.
  • A Linkedin Learning page will open in another tab. Click on “Activate your offer”. And just like that, you’ll get both Linkedin Learning and LinkedIn Premium for 3 months.

There’s actually more…

Even after your premium subscription is over from the above methods, you’ll get an offer regarding reactivation of another one-month trial extension for Linkedin Premium for free. This reactivation is suggested about one week after the expiration of your previous free premium access.

You can find the reactivation offer on the sidebar of your LinkedIn feed (on desktop view) and via your LinkedIn registered email.

That’s still not all, you can actually subscribe to one-month free LinkedIn Premium trial in every 12 months. So, literally, there’s an unlimited number of months you can experience free LinkedIn Premium.

Just so you know...

I’ll advise that you only begin your premium access when your profile is completed. For tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, visit here. If you’ve also not been active with your LinkedIn account, this is the best time to be. Not on LinkedIn yet? Create an account here. For questions or suggestions you might have, do contact


Tayo Fabusiwa,

Founder, Legal Pages.

Law Graduate, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.