6 Key Tips for Law Examinations

The following are a few exam tips you can inculcate as a law student which may earn better grades.

1. Practise past questions before exams: Apart from researching on answers to past questions, attempt them and time yourself. A lot of law students underrate this strategy or are too lazy to do so, but it indeed aids timeous approach to exams question.

2. Follow instructions: Make sure to read instructions properly; they can make or mar your grades.

3. Be strategic with your time: For instance, if you have been given 3 hours to answer 4 question, you can allot between 35 – 40 mins to answer each question; be strict with this. Use the remaining time finish up and cross-check your answers.

4. Start with a question you are more familiar with: If permitted by your examiner, run straight at the question you can really do. You will be more flexible with time answering them than those you dread the most.

5. Always go into the exam hall with a wrist watch: This is of utmost importance.

6. Never be so quick to leave the exam hall: There’s usually a temptation to let quickly ‘let the cup pass over’. Take time to review your answers, checking for wrong spellings and so on.

Which of the above have you been complying with?? #lawstudents #lawexams #law #legalpages